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Well done Lokomotiv !!!
With probably more guys in the squad than were ultimately needed, and with the demands of hockey style rotation - Dinamo Lokomotiv equipped themselves fantastically in their first ever 7’s season. Losing only in inter-division play to Silverlagos and the amazing Burbank Red Machine - Loko took it to the wire in what turned out to be a championship deciding last game of the season against Tecate Killers. Earlier in the season Loko and Tecate had fought to 2-2, an with Tecate 2-0 up at half-time in the rematch, Loko were in need of second half inspiration.

David Copeland-Smith has impressed all season, but his performance in the decider was outstanding. But it was old carthorse Dayle that smashed a low ball into the box from a kick-in that Yossi flicked into the net and the fightback was on. 5 minutes later and Yossi shot low and hard to the ‘keepers right. But it wasn’t to be, Tecate ran down the clock and Loko didn’t get much of a look in the final minutes.

Arguably, Loko’s greatest chance in the early stages of the second half was created by ‘keeper Marc B - hitting a back pass perfectly into the path of speeding Jeff M - the referee blew for an infringement of the no-goal-kick-over-the-halfway-line rule, not realizing (until all Loko players informed him) that an kick in open play positions the goalie just like any field player.

Ah well. A brilliant season Loko !